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Alun Elder-Brown, a recruitment executive, said he was left feeling "like a piece of dirt" after being barred from bringing the animal into Kirthon Restaurant in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, on religious grounds.

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submitted by: Qword   Dec 16, 2008
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WTF? This guy should sue!
posted by: penny     Dec 16, 2008
Despite the law that was passed in violation of property rights, I must say, "Their restaurant, their rules." As far as reasons go for banning a blind man's dog, religious reasons are probably the only ones that wouldn't cause so much backlash that they'd put the restaurant out of business. It definitely sucks for the man that he can't eat where he wants, but I think that's his cue to take his dog - and his MONEY - to a restaurant that actually wants them.
posted by: MiniMe     Dec 17, 2008
Wow, that's a pretty unwise thing to do. I bet those same Muslims would be up in arms if they were barred from a restaurant because the staff didn't like headscarves or something.

But still, don't private businesses have a right to refuse service to anyone for any reason? It's the restaurant's loss.

What law are you referring to, MiniMe?
posted by: safeshark     Dec 17, 2008
I was referring to this passage:
"The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association said the decision was illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act and Mr Elder-Brown, 51, is now considering suing the establishment in The Pantiles. "
posted by: MiniMe     Dec 19, 2008
Ah, OK, I should have read the article more thoroughly. I'm not surprised that the UK has laws like that though, what with their track record. I just hope nothing like that gets pushed through in the US.
posted by: safeshark     Dec 19, 2008
This is ridiculous. Maybe the muslims should be barred for offending the blind man.
posted by: Anonymous     Apr 24, 2009
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