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A woman with a chicken phobia goes on the Maury show. She was screaming by the time Maury was done explaining her phobia. So, Maury being Maury, he brings out 2 guys dressed in chicken suits, carrying live chickens. Other people came out carrying dead, butchered chickens. Chickens were everywhere.

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submitted by: harris230   Nov 15, 2008
category: Videos keywords: chicken, maury, scared, afraid, scream
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Haha, I didn't know Maury was such a jerk. I like how he is pulling them away and is acting like the good guy.
posted by: WhatsWalmart     Nov 16, 2008
That's hilarious. Maury for the win!!!
posted by: xcell     Nov 16, 2008
I wonder if she's afraid of turkeys.
posted by: AndrewRyan     Nov 16, 2008

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